Mykonos Destination Wedding: Greece: White Balloon Films

The glamorous Greek island destination of Mykonos was the setting for one of the more spectacular wedding films that Scotland-based destination wedding film makers, White Balloon Films, have ever had the pleasure of capturing on video!  What an incredible place for this incredible couple.  If this wedding highlights film doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand up then please check that you have a pulse!  Although based in Scotland, each year, White Balloon Films takes on a small number of international destination wedding film commissions, applying our uniquely cinematic approach to filming weddings around Europe.  There are of course certain logistical challenges to filming in a foreign country but with our tremendous experience, we are still able to employ all the cinematography tricks we have up our sleeves, be it our multiple camera approach, aerial video, professional lighting and audio and more.  To see what we are capable, enjoy the story we tell of Rachel and Robbi’s Mykonos destination wedding in Greece!